Dr. Beth Berger

Chief Clinical Officer, Lakewood, NJ

Batsheva (Beth) Berger, MSW, LCSW, DSW, is a dedicated clinical social worker with licenses in both New Jersey and Ohio. With a profound passion for helping others, she has made significant contributions to the field of mental health through her extensive education, professional experience, and commitment to ongoing research.

Dr. Berger holds a Bachelor of Arts degree, earned from Excelsior College, Master of Social Work (MSW) degree from Kean University, specializing in clinical practice, clinical license, and Doctorate in Social Work (DSW) from Walden University. Dr. Berger’s doctoral work enables her to develop advanced clinical interventions and contribute to the body of knowledge within the field. Her research focuses on areas such as trauma, resilience, and the impact of socio-cultural factors on mental health and societal outcomes.

Throughout her career, Dr. Batsheva Berger has provided comprehensive psychotherapy services to individuals, couples, and families. Her therapeutic approach is rooted in evidence-based practices, incorporating elements of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical-behavioral therapy (DBT), psychodynamic therapy, and trauma-informed care. She tailors her interventions to meet the unique needs of each client, fostering an atmosphere of trust, safety, and empowerment.

In addition to her clinical work, Dr. Batsheva Berger is actively involved in teaching and training future mental health professionals. She is a licensed and trained supervisor, a role which she utilizes to inspire and equip the next generation of mental health practitioners. Further, Dr. Berger has developed and implemented many therapeutic curriculums and programs. In her work with struggling youth she developed programs to help them with getting sober and maintaining sobriety.  

Dr. Berger's contributions extend beyond her immediate professional setting. She engages in community outreach initiatives, delivering workshops and presentations on mental health awareness, self-care, and resilience. By addressing societal stigmas surrounding mental health, she strives to promote a culture of understanding, support, and acceptance.
Carl Williams PhD, LCADC, CCS

Clinical Director, Armada of Somers Point, NJ

Dr. Williams spent more than thirty years working with diverse populations in various treatment modalities throughout the addictions field. He has served on several boards and committees throughout the State of New Jersey, as well as Counselor Certification Boards in both New Jersey and Connecticut. In his role as our Executive Director, Dr. Williams ensures that the Armada team has the resources they need to provide only the highest quality of care to every person that comes through our doors.


He is passionate about working with people suffering from substance use disorders, and has taught and lectured at several colleges, mentoring many aspiring counselors and professionals. Dr. Williams secured his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the Union Institute and University in Cincinnati, Ohio, and his Master’s Degree in Human Services from Lincoln University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He enjoys sports, teaching, and empowering others.

Ben Presser

Executive Director , Galloway, NJ

Ben Presser is an experienced healthcare professional with a strong background in administration and a passion for providing exceptional care to clients. With years of experience in the healthcare industry, Ben has a deep understanding of the unique needs and challenges faced by individuals seeking recovery.

As the Executive Director for Armada Recovery of Galloway, Ben plays a crucial role in overseeing the operations and management of the facility. He is dedicated to ensuring that each client receives the highest standard of care and support, tailored to their specific needs. Ben believes in creating a safe and comfortable environment for clients, fostering a sense of trust and promoting their well-being throughout their journey to recovery.

Broderick Harper ED.D. LCADC

Clinical Director, Armada of Galloway, NJ

Broderick Harper is our Program Clinical Director at Park Bench Treatment Center. His philosophy on leadership and clinical oversight continue to evolve as he applies new lessons from published literature, dialogue with clients and colleagues, and reflections on his own practice. His education and life experiences have shaped his philosophy and approach to promote wellness, self-awareness, collaboration, and personal development. He brings his compassionate, down-to-earth humanism and warm humor to every interaction—helping clients feel truly supported throughout their recovery journey.

Broderick embraces a multi-evidenced based approach to therapy, drawing from local contexts to support optimal client recovery interests and goals. He strongly believes in client-centered counseling, and sees each client as a unique being with unique needs and individual learning styles. 


Clinic Supervisor , Armada of Akron, OH

Jarrod Pyle is a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor III, and holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Human Services from the University of Arizona, specializing in Addictions Counseling. He is furthering his education, studying for a Master’s of Science specializing in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. His advanced practice licensure, as a Licensed Professional Counselor, will lead to additional work in the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of co-occurring substance use and mental illness. He specializes in substance use trauma-informed LGBTQI+ care and employs cognitive behavioral, behavioral, motivational, narrative, and person centered therapies in his daily efforts in the community. 

Jarrod loves to use mindfulness and a dialectical based approach with clients whenever possible to address their heightened anxiety in early recovery. His priority is to make them feel as supported as possible—inspiring them to achieve their goals and reclaim their lives. He has a near-decade of experience leading a team of versatile professionals and counseling specialists struggling with substance use disorders. His compassion and love for the patient has been noted around Ohio, where he received several awards and notations.

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Having a doctoral level mental health background, 7 years in the SUD Industry, and very high expectations on any form of support for humans that are struggling; I can safely say that the care at North Star TX Svcs is top notch. They are a TEAM that encompasses the perfect blend of down to earth, compassionate, ethical, and knowledgeable human beings. Thank you for restoring my faith in SUD treatment!

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