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Armada Outpatient Addiction Treatment King of Prussia, PA

Multi-Modality Therapy

Get full-spectrum support with individual and group therapy; community systems; and family therapy programs.

Addiction Treatment Center

Flexible Scheduling

At our outpatient addiction treatment in King of Prussia, PA, we provide flexible session scheduling, transportation, and 24/ 7 staff support, so that you never have to feel alone.

Addiction Treatment Center

Enriching Activities

Our healthy integration of recreational therapies and group activities help lighten the load of recovery.

Addiction Treatment Center

Practical support for real-life challenges

Try Intensive Outpatient care if:

You experience mild cravings.
You do not meet the criteria for more intensive care.
You have already completed an inpatient treatment, IO, or PH program.

You may need more in-depth support if:

You are experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms.
You have a moderate to severe addiction.
You need monitoring.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Outpatient care involve 24-hour supervision?

No. With our Outpatient program, you will be in charge of your everyday recovery at home. However, our staff will always be ready to help, should you need us. 

How much time do I need to commit to Outpatient care?

Think of our IO program like a regular therapy schedule; it will still require some time commitment, but you should still have plenty of time for work, school, and other activities.

Does Outpatient care involve medication?

Not necessarily. Our team is ready to support you in a variety of  practical ways. Though our doctors are available to prescribe medication, if needed.

How can Armada’s Outpatient program help me?

Our Outpatient program offers versatile, therapeutic activities such as community support, medical management, individual/group therapies, and life skill coaching—all integrated with your regular schedule. This approach is great for people transitioning out of more intense therapies, or those with milder cravings.

Do you provide housing?

No. Standard outpatient care sessions are designed to integrate seamlessly with your everyday  life—similar  to a basic therapist or doctor’s appointment.

Does recovery take longer with Outpatient care?

Because it involves a smaller time commitment, it can take longer for you to see the results you want with Outpatient care.

Do you provide transportation?

Yes, we can provide transportation to and from our facilities.

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